Introducing Aim Bingoh

Introducing Aim Bingoh edit by Aim Donutz please subscribe!

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Orbit! Orbit! Orbit!

Some of my best, Love the commentary 🙂– Game play by CameronOrbit edit by Behave    

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Sorry if I ever played against you – Game play by CameronOrbit edit by Behave  

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Remember when – Game play CameronOrbit edit by Behave

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Call of Duty – BO3

BO3, can it stand up to the HYPE? On October 27th 2065, You and your partner, Jacob Hendricks, infiltrate a base in Ethiopia to rescue hostages from the tyrannical NRC, assisted by Commander Taylor and his team of cybernetic enhanced soldiers. The rescue is successful, but you are critically wounded, necessitating the installation of cybernetic enhancements to save your life. [...]
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So it begins... The map contains many elements from previous maps such as Origins, Mob of the Dead, Moon and Ascension. The Der Wunderfizz machines returns from Origins, as well as the Panzer Soldier, with a new look. A dragon is seen in the trailer a few times, once in the form of a stone wall, [...]
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