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Tom Clancy’s The Division is the upcoming online open world third-person shooter, role-playing video game. The Division takes place in mid-crisis Manhattan, an open world with destructive environments that are free for players to explore.

On Black Friday, a smallpox pandemic (transmitted by a virus planted onto banknotes), sweeps through cities across America causing the United States Government to collapse in five days; basic services fail and without access to food or water, the country quickly descends into chaos. You are a part of the Strategic Homeland Division, or “The Division” for short—a classified force of self-supported tactical agents. The group is established to combat the threat brought about by the outbreak and are given direct authority by the President of the United States to do whatever it takes to prevent the fall of society!

In The Division you are not locked into a specific class. Everybody can choose their own play style and depending on the play style you choose, you may have more synergies with other specific play styles.

The Base of Operations is your fortress in the wilderness, a personal space and mirror of the progress of taking back NY. By restoring the wings, you get access to new skills, skill mods and talents.

The game features a dynamic, time based weather system which may bring benefits or disadvantages to players. For instance, storms can hinder player’s visibility and make aiming difficult. The game also features a day-night cycle which will change the behaviors of enemies in the game.

The Dark Zone

The Division’s competitive multiplayer mode is separated from the main campaign and has its own progression system. Players can discover valuable items inside The Dark Zone. However, these items, known as “contaminated loot”, can be taken by other players. Team death match is an available game mode and you are accompanied by several co-operative partners and other neutral, player-controlled agents. These people, however, can turn against the player at any moment, going rogue.

We can’t wait for this one, The Beta was Awesome!

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